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Opstelwedstrijd / Essay competition - Ieper - 11/11/2005

Hieronder een aantal foto's van de proclamatie van de opstelwedstrijd die door het Last Post Comité werd georganiseerd. De proclamatie had plaats in het Ieperse stadhuis.

Please find below some pictures of the prize-giving for the Last Post Association Essay
competition, on Tuesday, November 11 th, 2005. The event took place at the Town Hall.

Welkom door Luc Dehaene, burgemeester van Ieper / Welcome by Luc Dehaene, mayor of Ieper.

De ambassadeur van Nieuw-Zeeland / The ambassador of New-Zealand

Carl Denys, member of the Last Post Association

Dit jaar organiseerde de last Post Association voor de 10e maal de opstelwedstrijd die in 1977 werd opgestart door Alfred Caenepeel en in 1996 werd heropgestart door Henri Vanden Berghe.

Deze academische zitting van 11 november is het ideale kader om de prijswinnaars te bekronen voor hun deelname aan wat in de nabije toekomst een volwaardige internationale literaire wedstrijd moet worden. Dit jaar namen bijna 200 leerlingen van de zeven Ieperse secundaire scholen deel en de verbetering van de teksten op vier dagen tijd was echt titanenwerk.

The main aim of this Last Post Association competition is to keep alive the sacrifices of all those who fought and often died in the defence of the Ypres Salient and of freedom and democracy. That's why this year's title asked the competitors to answer the urgent soldiers call to "tell the world that their sacrifice was not in vain".

On behalf of the Last Post Association, I would like to thank all those who sponsored the 2005 competition: the Australian, British , Canadian and New-Zealand embassies, the Flemish Government, Provinciebestuur, the Ypres City Council, Dave Calvert and various local service clubs. It's mainly with the financial help of the Flemish government and its prime minister that this year we can offer two one-week trips to Australia to the two best authors.

Next we are going to hand out the various prizes. First the prize winners per school as every participating school is awarded a prize for its three best entries.

May I ask Provincial Governor Paul Breyne to come forward to present the prizes awarded to the Ypres VTI. Their winners are Bertrand Dujardin (1st) Dries lahoutte (2nd) and Davy Vandelanotte (3rd).

May I ask the Ypres mayor Luc Dehaene to present the prizes awarded to the Ypres St.Vincentius College and the Ypres Lyceum. The winners are Marekka Maricou (2nd College),Sophie Cool (2nd Lyceum) and Koen Vanheule (3rd Lyceum).

May I ask the Mr Wade Armstrong - Ambassador of New Zealand to present the prizes awarded to the Koninklijk Technisch Atheneum. Their winners are Ines Hauspie (1st) Inneke Devos (2nd) and Kenzie Despriet (3rd).

May I ask Mr Alain Haussert - Deputy Head of Mission of Canada to present the prizes awarded to the Koninklijk Atheneum. Their winners are Chloë Ide (1st) Céline Alderweireldt (2nd) and Miet Devriendt (3rd)

May I ask Mr Richard Kinchen - Ambassador of the United Kingdom to present the prizes awarded to the Immaculata Instituut . Their winners are Niels (poem)(1st) Sophie Vanysacker (2nd) and Bart Degroote (3rd)

Mr Peter GREY - Ambassador of Australia is giving the prizes for Corazon Caenpeel (1st), Benjamin Boutten (2nd) and Kelly Vercaigne (3rd) of Heilige Familie

Now we have reached the top prizes

Mr Dave Calvert's family sponsored a side competition organised in the Sittingbourne area. Their first prize is presented by Dave Calvert to James Kendal. of Judds School in Tonbridge.
The Last Post Association also sponsored this competition: their prize for this winner is being presented by Guy Gruwez.

Rotary Club Ieper, beheerder van het Rotary-Keith Fonds schenkt haar eerste prijs voor het beste Engelse stelwerk. Deze prijs gaat naar Simon Louagie of St Vincentiuscollege.

De tweede prijs in deze categorie wordt geschonken door de Last Post Association en is voor Linde Vanthournout (Koninklijk Atheneum).

The Donald Hodge Prize, which in fact is third prize, is awarded to Anne-Sophie Ghyselen. (Lyceum) Her price will be presented by Dave Calvert.

And now the long awaited supreme moment: who will pack his or her bags for the coveted
Australia trip or tour. Both winners are female and from the same school….

May I ask Goele Vandenberghe and Emma Feys from Sint Vincentiuscollege to come forward to receive their prize from the hands of the Last Post Association's Chairman Mr. Guy Gruwez.

Finally I would like to re-thank all the sponsors and all the pupils and teachers who by participating to the competition made this year's edition a huge success.

Special thanks to service clubs : Kiwanis Ieper, Rotary club Ieper, Round Table 20 , Lions club Ieper, Rotaract Ieper-Poperinge, Inner Wheel, Fifty One.

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