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Opening / Inauguration museumweekend - Zonnebeke - 13/07/2007

Please find below a series of photographs of the inauguration of the museumweekend organized by the Memorial Museum Passchendaele on Friday, July, 13th at Zonnebeke.

Hieronder een aantal foto's van de officiële opening van het museumweekend in Zonnebeke op vrijdag 13 juli 2007. Het weekend was een organisatie van het Memorial Museum Passchendaele. was erbij op de opening.

Welcome by Franky Bostyn of the Museum.

Full house.

Address by Mayor Dirk Cardoen and 1st olderman Franky Bryon.

At the right Mr Geert Bourgeois, Flemisch Minister of Tourism.

Afterwards, we take several busses to visit the 6 exhibitions at Zonnebeke and Passendale. Our guide Bart gives us more information on the battle of Passchendaele.

First stop is the church of Passendale for the photographs of Michael St Maur Sheil.

Second stop where we get more information on the Canadian involvment in the battle.

At all places, very good material has been used to inform the visitors.

Crossing with another group and passing by Tyne Cot Cemetery.

Information on the several steps of the Batlle of Passchendaele.

Following stop: Varlet farm where the lady of the house welcomes our group.

Information on Dovo, the department of the ministry of Defence, which still yearly collects about 200 tons of ammunition of the Great War.

Special part with more information.

Next stop is the old cheese factory, today the cheese museum. On this location, we get more information on the involment of New Zealand in the Great War.

Back at the museum at Zonnebeke, Mr Freddy Declerk gives us more information on what is displayed at the museum.

Information panels which are the same as on the walking and hiking roads.

Franky Bostyn and 'his mentor' professor Luc De Vos.

And then it was time for the second part of the inauguration.

A much appreciated speech followed by the even more appreciated songs of Isla St Clair.

Rik Van Cauwelaert, chief-editor of the magazine Knack, congratulates Franky Bostyn and his co-authors with the new book 'Passendale 1917'. Afterwards, mayor Dirk Cardoen and 1st olderman Franky Bryon present the book as a gift to the several authorities that helped to realize the event and exhibitions.

Professor De Vos: "Sometimes, the student gets better than the professor".

Group picture and Franky Bostyn signing his book.

The six exhibitions can be visited untill November 15th, 2007.


Nog een aantal foto's van de opening van de tentoonstelling in het museum.

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