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Poppyparade, Last Post + diverse - Ieper - 11/11/2008

Please find below some photographs of a the poppyparade and the Last Post at Ieper on Armistice Day. As well as some other pictures at Ieper, Zonnebeke and Passendale.

Hieronder een aantal foto's die Franky Mahieu doorstuurde.

The flanks of the town ramparts, at the Menin Gate, being covered with poppies, placed there
at the evening ceremony of Nov. 10th.

close up of such poppy


band at the opening parade

the buglers of the Last Post Association

the authorities (amongst whom):
- right (in front): Peter Slosse, city of Ieper
- the Bishop of Bruges (West Flanders)
- the Flemish Prime Minister
- Luc Dehaene, Mayor of Ieper
- the mayor of Hiroshima
- The Honorary Alan Griffin, Minister of Veterans Affairs of Australia

followed many other international offcicials

at a large video screen at the Great Market Place, the Last Post being blown

Parade after the Last Post:

Combined Band of the Surrey Fire Brigade

Koninklijke Harmonie Ypriana

British Police Force

(British) Piper Band

Flags of different (military) associations

War Veterans

Men in traditional uniforms

Belgian UN soldiers

Indian Sihks at the Menin Gate

Wreaths at the Menin Gate after the ceremony

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