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Last Post - Ieper - 08/04/2010

Please find below some photographs of the Last Post on Thursday, April, 8th, 2010 under the Menin Gate.

Key Messages on the End of an Era in Canadian History


John "Jack" Babcock, the last Canadian First World War Veteran, died on February 18, 2010. On April 9, 2010, Vimy Ridge Day, the Government of Canada and all Canadians will mark the end of an important era in Canadian history following the death of Canada's last living link to the First World War.

Benoît Mottrie, Chairman of the Last Post Association, will highlight the presence of Louis de Lorimier, Ambassador of Canada to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as well as representatives of Canada in attendance.

Key messages by Benoit Mottrie, chairman of the Last Post Association

I want to take the opportunity tonight to highlight the attendance of His Excellency, Louis de Lorimier, Ambassador of Canada to the Kingdom of Belgium, who is accompanied by representatives of Canada.

With the death of John Babcock, the last Canadian First World War Veteran, Canada has just lost its last direct link to an important page in Canadian history.

The 650,000 Canadians who served in the First World War paid a heavy price in the name of peace and freedom, and on Friday, April 9, Canadians will gather in recognition of the sacrifices of their compatriots who served during the First World War.

Canadians will thus pay tribute to the men and women who served Canada in the Great War in commemorative ceremonies to be held across Canada.

The Memorial Arch of the Menin Gate commemorates by name nearly 55,000 dead of the armies of the British Commonwealth who fell in Belgium and whose final resting place is not known. Of these, nearly 7000 names are of Canadians. I want to thank His Excellency for being with us here this evening and invite him to pronounce the exhortation.

Hieronder een aantal foto's van de Last Post op donderdagavond 8 april 2010 onder de Menenpoort te Ieper. Deze Last Post werd bijgewoond door een belangrijke Canadese delegatie onder leiding van Louis de Lorimier, ambassadeur van Canada. De delegatie herdacht het overlijden in februair van John "Jack" Babcock, de laatste WO1-veteraan van Canada. Bijna 7.000 Canadezen worden op de panelen van de Menenpoort herdacht.

The ambassador (middle), his wife and Guy Gruwez, honorary chairman of the Last Post Association.

More than 7.000 Canadian soldiers are mentionned on the Menin Gate.

Address by Benoit Mottrie, chairman of the Last Post Association.

The Last Post

The Exhortation by the Ambassador.

Followed by 1 minute of silence

and a lament by Eric Remy, bugler of the Last Post Association.

Wreaths are laid.

The Reveille

The Canadian delegation greets the buglers.

Interview for the local television.

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